Running your own cookery class can sound a bit daunting. That's why it's a good idea to have help. With a franchise system, you have your own business, but you aren't on your own.

The easy and fun way to teach cookery

- Do you enjoy cooking?


- Would you like to run your own classes?


The Blueberry Cooking School gives you the freedom and fun to earn money teaching cookery.


And best of all, the Blueberry Cooking School takes care of all the sales, marketing and enrolments, leaving you with the enjoyable task of helping others.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to spend your time cooking for a purpose and dreaming up exciting variations of recipes?


At Blueberry Cooking School we provide you with lots of support.

  • A Manual that teaches you about layout, legal issues, health and safety, class structure and much more.
  • Recommended lesson plans and class formats. That way, you'll know what to do, from the moment you answer the door to saying 'goodbye' to the last student. Our lesson plans provide you with proven structures that inform and educate, and get students coming back for more.
  • Videos by a professional chef demonstrating cookery techniques
  • Video interviews with specialist butchers, fishmongers and other professionals. You can show these videos to your class.
  • Local marketing in your area
  • Sales support, answering queries from people who enquire about attending your classes
  • An easy-to-use online system for adding and amending your classes

And the system is very flexible. You can choose when and where to run your classes. We recommend you start at home, because there's no rent to pay. And we provide you with templates for our classes, so youll never be stuck for what to say or do.



About the franchise


We manage all the marketing, enrolment and student registration. We also provide recipes and the structure for your classes, plus all the support you need to get going.


There are no ongoing monthly fees, so you will never find yourself owing money. If you don't get students, we don't get any money.


All you need to do is run the classes in your home, or a local community hall or church hall.



Watch the franchise presentation here.


How to find a kitchen


To find a kitchen, try the following possibilities:

  • Contact local schools or colleges. They have classrooms kitted out with kitchens for food technology classes
  • Contact your local Working Men's Clubs, Conservative Club or similar
  • Check out your local community hall or church hall
  • Find out where local groups meets: mother and toddler, weight loss, alcoholics anonymous, and other groups.


About you


To be considered for a franchise, you need the following:


- a large modern kitchen with an island unit. Alternatively, you should locate a community or church hall with a big enough kitchen.

- a pleasant, outgoing personality

- the motivation to run your own business

- good experience of cooking

- willingness to follow our formula

- the ability to pay a franchise fee (but we're waiving the fee for initial franchisees)



Next Steps


Right now, were looking for a small number of enthusiastic people to trial the franchise.


You get your own territory, absolutely free of charge. Future franchisees will have to pay an initial franchisee fee.


In the short term we're seeking just 3-4 people who will help us test the concept.


If youre interested, email, explaining why you think you'd be the right person. Please also enclose a photo of your kitchen, or the church hall kitchen you would use. Or phone Kit on 01934 713 563 for a discussion.